The organisation is a Charitable Organisation (CHY 19666) which was founded in early 2011 by Joseph Blake to search for missing persons believed to be deceased by using trained Cadaver Dogs (Human Remains Detection Dogs) and dogs specially trained to detect Forensic Evidence.


Map of the locations of the missing six The organisation focused its attention on the six young women who went missing from 1993-1998 in and around the midlands of Ireland. The girls where known as the missing six and it is believed that these girls where abducted and murdered and their bodies buried somewhere in Ireland.

Presentation to Davis College

Presentation to Davis College

Trace Missing Persons Ireland very quickly became involved with tracing young people who go missing on a regular basis, as a result of this we devised a workshop specially focused at young people making them aware of how getting involved with criminality can lead to young people going missing. Trace present these workshops with transition year Students at a number of Schools in the Midlands, Galway and Cork and to Youthreach projects with great success. Our aim is to present them to schools all over the country.

Trace Missing Persons Ireland today prides itself in creating an identity that is now recognised as an important tool in the search for missing people by families and by the Gardai and other search and community based organisations.

A map of the locations the missing six disappeared from and the missing six womenTrace missing persons Ireland has grown in strength because; it is very active in raising awareness of the plight of the family and communities of the missing persons in Ireland. The missing in Ireland should not ever be forgotten and Trace Missing Persons Ireland strives to ensure that they never are. Ultimately the purpose of Trace Missing Persons Ireland is to bring the missing home.Trace Missing Persons Ireland as an organisation has an ethos, a belief system, a set of principles; these create an organisational culture that affects all that the organisation does which is

  • Upholding the dignity of our Clients.
  • To ensure that all information is dealt with in the strictest of confidence.
  • Not affiliated to any political party.
  • To operate in a manner that is open and transparent.


Celine Byrne


Ireland’s Soprano Singer Celine Byrne is to be the ambassador for the charity Trace Missing Persons Ireland. After a meeting in Dublin last week with founder and chairman of Trace Missing Persons Ireland Joe Blake the singer pledged her full support.Since the foundation of Trace Missing Persons Ireland in 2011 Trace has grown to be the leader in its field of expertise, gaining worldwide support and recognition.